Adult Program 14+

Adults at the United Academy learn primarily Tae Kwon Do with a bit of KanDukWon. These are both traditional Martial Arts but with different applications. Tae Kwon Do was developed for sport as seen in competitions such as the Olympics and KanDukWon was developed for self defense techniques that utilize the strongest points of your body for both offense and defense exercises. Practicing both Martial Arts, along with United Academy’s attention to a developed mind, makes for a well rounded experience that keeps adults interested and fine tuned for the other areas of their lives. When people train at United Academy they realize there is a whole lot more to Martial Arts than kicking and punching.

Some of the key benefits our students see include:

  • Concentration, the ability to focus more deliberately when they choose to put their mind to something
  • Better Health, Martial Arts is like exercising without realizing it so improved fitness and less weight are an added bonus
  • Self Confidence, this work takes you on unexpected journeys mentally and physically that can help develop your mind and sense of self
  • Stress Reduction, there is nothing like hitting a bag to let all the pent-up energy out and relax the mind and body
  • Camaraderie, the family that kicks together sticks together was a popular bumper sticker at one time but we think it is true. People build lasting friendships at our studio and families find common activities and goals