Super Junior Program Ages 4-6

This special Super Junior class was designed by Black Belt and experienced preschool teacher, Nancy Clampitt. It is based on her Martial Arts experience, as well as her many years of teaching younger children. At the United Academy, our 4 to 6 year olds participate in a course that fits their developing motor and social skills.

Students meet twice a week and enjoy activities specifically designed to grow their motor skills, coordination, and martial arts techniques which in turn, increases their self discipline, focus, and goal-setting abilities. Students also have the opportunity to practice important social skills, like teamwork, leadership, patience in group activities, etc .

While learning and having fun, the Super Juniors get a strong foundation in Tae Kwon Do so when they complete the program, they can go right into the Junior Program without missing a beat.

The Super Junior Program is ongoing,  so give us a call or enter your information in the form at your right and we will contact you to schedule your first class.