U.A.M.A. Testimonials

Happy Mom of Two UAMA Super Juniors

“My son has been taking classes from United Academy of Martial Arts for about 2 months now. He is five years old. He absolutely loves going every time. I believe he has already become more self disciplined, focused, and self confident. Last week he tested for his first belt and was so proud when it was presented to him. The teachers at this school are excellent at working with young kids. I am sure they are good at working with older kids and adults as well. Everyone seems to really enjoy being at the studio. I look forward to putting my daughter in classes when she turns 4.”


Satisfied Mother of Three

“I cannot say enough good things about UAMA! My family has been going to UAMA for 5 years and my kids think of it as a home away from home. The road to getting a black belt is tough but fair. My older two children just finished their six-month countdown, a time where they hone their skills to Black Belt including health and fitness, and thought the experience was one of the best that they ever had. The studio also insists that the Bleck Belt candidates, keep their grades at a B average, and require recommendations from teachers. As a parent, I think the focus on school, not just the activity is great. I never had an easier time motivating my children to work on their grades.”


Attended Since I Was a Kid

“I’ve been going to UAMA since I was a little girl and received my Black Belt here. It is a great Martial Arts studio with instructors that are actually taught how to teach instead of getting the title just because they can kick and punch. After a decade of loving the community at this studio I moved away to attend college and gave up martial arts because I just couldn’t find a studio that could compete with UAMA in LA. I miss this studio a lot and wanted to give them a shout out because they deserve the good feedback. Instructors that are dedicated to my success to the point that they had me showing up early and staying late after class so we could fit in a few extra minutes of training. Lasting friendships with the people I moved up the ranks and tested with. Even work connections for after college since a lot of the instructors, students, and parents here work at major companies such as IBM, Paypal, Apple, etc. I feel like I grew up at this place and I think a large part of why I kept the focus to make it to where I am today is because of my experience here. They taught me how to be successful not only in Tae Kwon do but in life and I will always remember that.”

L. S.

Parents of a UAMA Junior

“As parents, we were impressed with how even our young child was able to set a goal of the next belt level, work to achieve it, and reap the reward of increased self-esteem when that goal was obtained. This goal setting has continued for almost two years; an unbelievable amount of time for a young child to remain focused on a skill. Martial Arts is giving him that focus and nurtures his self-esteem in a positive, confident and physically healthy way.”

J.K. & G.K.

A Family That Kicks Together

“We have been at UAMA for 7 years. The experience has been excellent and more than we expected. Our children started at young ages and have been encouraged by the owners/management, instructors and fellow students through the years. The studio is a “family”, a wonderful community of people, and we can thank the family that runs and owns the studio for that atmosphere and philosophy. The young people there are respectful and confident. Our son not only earned his black belt but learned life lessons. We are on our way to another black belt in the family and a 2nd degree. We could not be happier with our choice of UAMA.”


Parent and Red Belt

“I like the fact that it is not just a martial arts studio. It is a place that encourages growth as a person, as well as, a martial artist”